Celebrating Women’s History Month with FC Cincinnati

Introduction: Honoring Women’s Contributions in Sports

In commemoration of Women’s History Month this March, FC Cincinnati is dedicated to showcasing the significant contributions of women within the club and the wider sports industry. By promoting their achievements and sharing insights with future generations, FC Cincinnati aims to inspire and empower female professionals and enthusiasts in sports.

Breaking Barriers Event: Empowering Female Professionals

FC Cincinnati has joined forces with Procter & Gamble’s Secret and Always brands to organize the “Breaking Barriers” event at TQL Stadium on March 19. This initiative is set to gather 150 female young professionals, offering them a platform to explore career opportunities in sports. The event will feature a panel discussion with local women in sports and sports media, including FCC employees and representatives from local teams, followed by breakout sessions for more personalized interaction and networking.

TQL Stadium Highlights: Women in the Spotlight

During a match against New York City FC on March 23, FC Cincinnati will further celebrate Women’s History Month. Attendees of the Breaking Barriers event are encouraged to purchase tickets and network, with a special invitation to view warm-ups from the pitch side. Additionally, a unique opportunity will allow all fans to honor the women in their lives for a chance to win FC Cincinnati prizes, enhancing community engagement and appreciation for women’s roles in sports and beyond.

NextUp Partnership: Advancing Women in Business

Aligning with Women’s History Month’s spirit, FC Cincinnati is collaborating with NextUp, a national organization focused on promoting women in business. This partnership complements the club’s FCC University initiative, aimed at staff development and continuous learning. Through NextUp, FC Cincinnati staff members will gain access to resources and networks that support the club’s commitment to nurturing female leadership and professional growth.

Promotional Efforts: Spotlighting Women-Owned Businesses and Leaders

FC Cincinnati is set to feature articles and promotional content highlighting women-owned businesses in Cincinnati and the influential women leading the FC Cincinnati Supporter Groups. These efforts are part of the club’s broader initiative to celebrate and empower women within the FCC community and the local business landscape.

Getting Involved: Community Engagement and Support

FC Cincinnati encourages community involvement in their initiatives, offering information on volunteer opportunities and ways to contribute to the FC Cincinnati Foundation. This engagement is crucial for sustaining and expanding the club’s efforts to support and empower women in sports and beyond.

About FC Cincinnati Foundation

Launched in December 2018, the FC Cincinnati Foundation (FCCF) is committed to driving transformational change for children in the Cincinnati area. Through soccer, education, and community service programs, the foundation aims to impact positively underserved communities, with a goal to reach over 30,000 children this year.

Conclusion: FC Cincinnati’s Legacy and Community Commitment

FC Cincinnati is dedicated to creating a lasting legacy that transcends sports, embodying the spirit of a rising Cincinnati. Through strategic partnerships and community-focused programs, the club is committed to improving children’s lives and fostering an inclusive community that celebrates and supports women’s achievements in all areas of life.

For more information on FC Cincinnati’s community initiatives and how to get involved, visit the FC Cincinnati Community page.

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