Dallas Mavericks Acquire Klay Thompson in Blockbuster Trade with Golden State Warriors

The Dallas Mavericks have made a significant move by acquiring Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. Learn about the trade details, Thompson’s role in Dallas, and what this means for the Mavericks’ championship aspirations.

The Dallas Mavericks have secured a major acquisition by trading for Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. This move, part of a multi-team deal, aims to boost the Mavericks’ chances for a championship run. Discover the details of the trade, Thompson’s expected impact on the team, and how this changes the landscape for the Mavericks. Thompson, known for his exceptional shooting and championship pedigree, brings valuable experience and skill to Dallas. Read on for an in-depth look at what this trade means for the future of the Mavericks.

Dallas Mavericks Acquire Klay Thompson in Blockbuster Trade with Golden State Warriors
Dallas Mavericks Acquire Klay Thompson in Blockbuster Trade with Golden State Warriors

What is Dallas Getting in Klay Thompson? Details on NBA Trade with Golden State

The Dallas Mavericks have made a significant move in their quest for a championship by acquiring Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. Known as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, Thompson brings a wealth of experience, skill, and a championship pedigree to Dallas. This trade represents a bold step for the Mavericks, who are looking to build on their recent success and take their team to the next level.

Background and Career of Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has spent his entire 13-year career with the Golden State Warriors, becoming an integral part of the team’s success. Alongside Stephen Curry, Thompson formed one of the most formidable backcourt duos in NBA history, known for their exceptional shooting and ability to stretch the floor. Over his career, Thompson has averaged 19.6 points per game and has shot an impressive 41.3% from beyond the arc.

Thompson’s tenure with the Warriors has been marked by numerous achievements. He is a four-time NBA champion and a five-time All-Star. He also won the NBA All-Star 3-point competition in 2016. His shooting prowess and defensive capabilities have made him a valuable asset to the Warriors and a fan favorite.

The Trade Details

The trade involving Klay Thompson is part of a multi-team deal that includes the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, and Charlotte Hornets. While the full details of the trade are yet to be finalized, it is known that Dallas is sending Josh Green to Charlotte. In return, Charlotte is sending two second-round picks to the Mavericks, one of which could eventually end up with Golden State.

Josh Green, who averaged 11.4 minutes per game for Dallas last season and scored 2.6 points per game, is a promising young player. However, the Mavericks are willing to part with him to acquire a player of Thompson’s caliber.

Klay Thompson’s Role in Dallas

Klay Thompson is expected to fill a critical role for the Mavericks. Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 220 pounds, Thompson can play both shooting guard and small forward positions. His versatility and experience make him an ideal fit for Dallas, who are looking to add depth and scoring ability to their roster.

Last season, Thompson evolved into a sixth-man role with the Warriors, coming off the bench in 14 games for the first time since his rookie year. Despite this adjustment, he still managed to average 17.9 points per game and shot 38.7% from 3-point range on nine attempts per game. His ability to score efficiently and provide solid defense will be crucial for the Mavericks as they aim for a championship.

Contract Details

One of the key aspects of this trade is Klay Thompson’s contract situation. As an unrestricted free agent, Thompson had multiple offers on the table. According to an ESPN report, he is set to sign a three-year, $50 million contract with the Mavericks, which includes a player option. Although he had four-year offers for more money, Thompson chose the Mavericks for the best chance to compete for a title and the benefit of not having to pay state income tax in Texas.

This contract represents a significant commitment from both Thompson and the Mavericks. It underscores Thompson’s desire to win and his belief that Dallas provides the best opportunity to achieve that goal.

Impact on the Mavericks

The acquisition of Klay Thompson is a game-changer for the Dallas Mavericks. Coming off a run to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Boston Celtics, the Mavericks are poised to make another deep playoff run. Adding a player of Thompson’s caliber could be the missing piece they need to secure a championship.

Thompson’s championship experience and ability to perform in high-pressure situations will be invaluable for the Mavericks. His presence on the court will open up opportunities for other players, such as Luka Dončić, by drawing defenders and creating space. Additionally, his leadership and work ethic will set a positive example for the younger players on the team.

Historical Context and Future Prospects

Klay Thompson’s move to Dallas is significant not just for the Mavericks but also for the NBA as a whole. His 13-year tenure with the Warriors was the second-longest by any NBA player with the same team, next to his teammate Stephen Curry. This trade marks the end of an era for Golden State and the beginning of a new chapter for Thompson and the Mavericks.

For Dallas, the addition of Thompson signals their commitment to building a championship-caliber team. The Mavericks have a rich history of success, including their 2011 NBA championship, and are looking to add to that legacy. With Thompson on board, they have a legitimate shot at competing for another title.


The trade for Klay Thompson represents a bold and strategic move by the Dallas Mavericks. By acquiring one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, the Mavericks have significantly bolstered their roster and improved their chances of winning a championship. Thompson’s experience, skill, and leadership will be invaluable assets as Dallas aims to build on their recent success and make another deep playoff run.

As the details of the trade are finalized and the new season approaches, all eyes will be on Dallas to see how Thompson integrates into the team and what impact he will have. For Mavericks fans, the future looks bright with the addition of a proven winner like Klay Thompson.

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