FBI Raids Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Home Amid Federal Investigation: Implications for City Leadership

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The FBI conducted a significant early-morning raid on the home of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao, targeting multiple locations across the city. This federal investigation, involving prominent figures like David Duong and California Waste Solutions, raises questions about Oakland’s leadership and its future. Explore the details and implications of this high-profile case.

FBI Raids Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s Home Amid Federal Investigation: Implications for City Leadership
FBI Raids Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s Home Amid Federal Investigation: Implications for City Leadership

FBI Raids Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s Home and Other Locations in Federal Sweep

In a dramatic early morning operation on Thursday, FBI agents executed a raid on the home of Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao, one of several coordinated federal raids across various properties in the city. The agents arrived at Thao’s residence on Maiden Lane in the Lincoln Highlands neighborhood around 5:30 a.m., serving search warrants and conducting a thorough search of the premises.

The Raid on Mayor Sheng Thao’s Home

The FBI provided minimal details about the raid in an emailed statement to CBS News Bay Area, simply stating, “The FBI is conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane. We are unable to provide additional information at this time.” Witnesses reported seeing several FBI agents leaving Thao’s home carrying boxes, but the contents of these boxes and the specific targets of the search remain undisclosed.

Additional Raids in Oakland

In addition to the raid on Mayor Thao’s home, federal agents executed search warrants at several other locations in Oakland. These included a home on Viewcrest Court in the Ridgemont neighborhood and the Embarcadero offices shared by the Vietnamese American Business Association (VABA) and California Waste Solutions, the company responsible for the city’s curbside recycling program. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that another search was conducted at the Skyline Boulevard home of VABA chairman David Duong, who is also the CEO of California Waste Solutions.

The Duong Family Connection

The Viewcrest Court property is owned by Andrew Duong, son of David Duong. Both VABA and California Waste Solutions have multiple members of the Duong family in leadership roles. During the raid, FBI agents and IRS criminal investigation special agents were seen carrying out approximately 20 boxes of seized materials, many labeled with “Andy Duong.” This significant seizure raises questions about the possible involvement of the Duong family and their businesses in the investigation.

Historical Context and Allegations

California Waste Solutions has previously come under scrutiny for campaign contributions to Oakland city officials, including Sheng Thao during her tenure as a city councilmember. Despite these past investigations, Teresa Hoang, a staffer at California Waste Solutions and a VABA director, expressed confidence in the company’s innocence. She stated that the firm is cooperating fully with authorities and believes the investigation will ultimately prove their lack of involvement in any unlawful activities.

Hoang also highlighted the Duong family’s history of facing allegations, stating, “This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with stuff like this. Every time we’ve come out clean. The officials know more than anybody right now what the investigation is about.”

Political Turmoil and the Recall Petition

The raids come at a politically sensitive time for Mayor Thao, just two days after the Alameda County Registrar of Voters confirmed sufficient signatures on a petition to recall her from office. Critics blame Thao for failing to address rising crime rates, which they argue have led to business closures and a failure to secure state funds to combat retail crime. Additionally, Thao has faced criticism for firing former police chief LeRonne Armstrong and leaving the position unfilled for over a year.

Armstrong responded to the FBI raids with a statement calling it “a sad day for the City of Oakland” and criticized the leadership in City Hall. He emphasized the city’s struggles with crime, violence, homelessness, and budget deficits, attributing these issues to failures in leadership. “Oakland needs leadership with a plan to address public safety, leadership who works with businesses, and leadership that’s prepared to meet our challenges with a vision for the future of Oakland,” Armstrong stated.

Mayor Thao’s Response and Public Reaction

Mayor Thao has yet to make a public statement regarding the FBI raid on her home. She was notably absent from a scheduled press conference on affordable housing in San Francisco, which included mayors from San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley. This absence has only fueled speculation and concern among Oakland residents and political observers.

Broader Implications

The federal raids and the political turbulence surrounding Mayor Thao underscore the deep challenges facing Oakland. The city’s ongoing struggles with public safety, economic stability, and effective governance are now compounded by a high-profile federal investigation. As the investigation unfolds, the impact on the city’s leadership and the community’s trust in their elected officials remains to be seen.


The FBI raids on Mayor Sheng Thao’s home and other locations in Oakland mark a significant and troubling development in the city’s ongoing political and social challenges. With federal agents seizing numerous materials and the investigation’s details yet to be fully disclosed, the city faces a period of uncertainty and scrutiny. The outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching implications for Oakland’s leadership and its efforts to address the pressing issues of crime, homelessness, and economic recovery.

As more information becomes available, the residents of Oakland and the broader community will be watching closely, seeking transparency and accountability from their leaders. In the meantime, the city must navigate these turbulent waters with resilience and a commitment to addressing the root causes of its current crises

This comprehensive analysis of the FBI raids in Oakland provides a detailed overview of the events, the historical context, and the broader implications for the city’s political landscape and governance.

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