International Roaming Outage: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Users Face Connectivity Issues Abroad

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American travelers are experiencing significant disruptions due to an international roaming outage affecting AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Learn about the scope of the issue, personal accounts from affected users, potential causes related to 2G and 3G network transitions, and the steps being taken to resolve the problem. Explore temporary solutions and the broader impact on global connectivity.

International Roaming Outage: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Users Face Connectivity Issues Abroad
International Roaming Outage: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Users Face Connectivity Issues Abroad

International Roaming Down for AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon Users

Americans traveling abroad are experiencing significant mobile connectivity issues due to a widespread international roaming outage affecting all three major US wireless carriers—AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The outage has left many users without the ability to make calls, send texts, or use data services while overseas, causing inconvenience and distress for many.

The Scope of the Outage

Over the past few hours, hundreds of American mobile subscribers have reported issues with international roaming. Posts on Reddit and other online platforms indicate that roaming services are completely down for some users, while others are experiencing intermittent connectivity that fails unpredictably. The problem appears to be widespread, affecting users in various countries across different continents.

Reports from Affected Users

One Verizon subscriber traveling in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, shared their alarming experience on Reddit: “Went to the club last night and was separated from my friends with no service, really scary.” This sentiment is echoed by many others who have found themselves in foreign countries without reliable communication options, a situation that can be both inconvenient and dangerous.

Responses from Service Providers

Affected users have contacted their service providers seeking solutions. Verizon acknowledged the issue in a statement to Android Authority, saying, “Some customers traveling internationally are experiencing service issues. Phone calls and data sessions are successfully completing about 70 percent of the time. Our teams are actively working with our roaming provider to resolve the issue.” However, the company did not specify a timeline for when the issue might be resolved. Similar statements have been issued by AT&T and T-Mobile, with all three carriers indicating they are working diligently to fix the problem but providing little detail on the expected resolution time.

The Possible Cause

As of now, the root cause of the outage remains unknown. Users have speculated that the problem may be linked to recent changes in how carriers support legacy data standards like 2G and 3G. Syniverse, a company that assists carriers in transitioning away from these older technologies, recently highlighted that many mobile network operators (MNOs) are retiring their 2G and 3G networks to reclaim portions of the wireless spectrum and reduce maintenance costs. Syniverse stated, “Right now, MNOs are retiring their 2G and 3G networks to recoup portions of the wireless spectrum and avoid devoting resources to costly maintenance. However, an operator must fully support VoLTE services before shutting down these networks so its subscribers can remain connected while roaming.” It’s possible that complications in this transition process are contributing to the current international roaming issues.

The Impact of Network Changes

The retirement of 2G and 3G networks is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. If VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services are not fully supported before the shutdown of these older networks, subscribers may face connectivity issues while roaming internationally. The transition involves not just technical adjustments but also coordination with international roaming partners to ensure seamless service continuity.

The Inconvenience and Risks for Travelers

The international roaming outage has caused significant inconvenience for American travelers. Being without mobile service in a foreign country can be disorienting and stressful, particularly in situations where communication is essential. Travelers rely on their phones for navigation, emergency contacts, and staying connected with friends and family. Without reliable service, they may face challenges in accessing important information, arranging transportation, or even contacting local authorities in case of emergencies.

Personal Accounts

Many affected users have shared their personal accounts of the difficulties they are facing due to the outage. One traveler recounted missing important work emails, while another expressed frustration over being unable to coordinate with travel companions. These stories underscore the critical role that mobile connectivity plays in ensuring the safety and convenience of international travel.

Steps Being Taken to Resolve the Issue

The affected carriers have assured users that they are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. Teams are actively collaborating with roaming providers to identify and fix the underlying problem. While specific details about the resolution process have not been disclosed, the carriers have emphasized their commitment to restoring full service as quickly as possible.

Temporary Solutions and Workarounds

In the meantime, users are exploring temporary solutions and workarounds to stay connected. Some travelers are purchasing local SIM cards in the countries they are visiting to bypass the roaming issue. Others are relying on Wi-Fi for communication, using apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and other internet-based services to make calls and send messages. These alternatives can help mitigate the impact of the outage, but they may not be viable for all users, particularly those in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.

The Role of International Roaming in Global Connectivity

International roaming is a critical service that allows mobile users to stay connected while traveling abroad. It enables seamless communication by allowing users to use their home carrier’s services in foreign countries through agreements with local carriers. This connectivity is vital for both personal and professional reasons, ensuring that travelers can maintain contact with loved ones, conduct business, and access necessary information.

The Future of Roaming Services

The current outage highlights the importance of reliable international roaming services and the need for continuous improvement in this area. As mobile networks evolve and new technologies are implemented, carriers must ensure that these advancements do not disrupt the connectivity that travelers depend on. Future enhancements in roaming services should focus on increasing reliability, expanding coverage, and providing seamless transitions between different network technologies.


The international roaming outage affecting AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon users underscores the challenges and complexities of maintaining global mobile connectivity. While the exact cause of the issue remains unknown, it is clear that the transition away from legacy networks like 2G and 3G may be a contributing factor. As the affected carriers work to resolve the problem, travelers are reminded of the critical role that reliable mobile service plays in ensuring their safety and convenience.

In the meantime, users are encouraged to explore temporary solutions such as local SIM cards and Wi-Fi-based communication apps to stay connected. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust international roaming services and the need for continuous innovation and improvement in this area. As mobile technology continues to advance, carriers must prioritize the seamless and reliable delivery of services that meet the needs of global travelers.

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