Kelly Rowland Red Carpet Clash: Tense Moment with Cannes Usher

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Kelly Rowland experienced a tense moment on the Cannes red carpet when she appeared to clash with an usher while being rushed up the stairs at the “Marcello Mio” premiere. Discover the details of the incident and Cannes’ strict red carpet policies.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland

On Tuesday evening, Kelly Rowland found herself in an unexpected and somewhat tense interaction with an usher at the Cannes Film Festival. The Destiny’s Child star attended the premiere of “Marcello Mio,” which is a competitor at this year’s festival. As she graced the red carpet, Rowland paused for photographers, an expected ritual at such high-profile events. However, the situation took a turn when an usher signaled her to proceed up the stairs.

The Incident Unfolds

The video footage from the event shows an usher gesturing twice for Rowland to start walking up the stairs of the Palais des Festivals. As she complied, three other ushers, all dressed in black, appeared and formed a barrier around her, guiding her to the right side of the staircase.

During her ascent, Rowland turned to wave at someone in the crowd, but two more ushers emerged behind her, their hands outstretched to direct her forward and block her view. One female usher in a black suit held her arm very close to Rowland’s back. In response, Rowland gently touched the usher’s arm with a smile, seemingly indicating that the gesture was unnecessary. Nonetheless, the usher maintained her stance, which prompted Rowland to turn and seemingly admonish her.

Adhering to the Strict Protocol

As Rowland reached the top of the stairs and entered the Palais, the same usher repeated her actions with another woman accompanying Rowland. This incident highlights the strict enforcement of red carpet protocols at Cannes.

Cannes’ Stringent Red Carpet Policies

The Cannes Film Festival is notorious for its stringent red carpet policies. These include a strict dress code, which once infamously required women to wear heels. This policy faced backlash in 2015 and has since been relaxed. Additionally, in 2018, Cannes implemented a ban on selfies on the red carpet to expedite the entry process into the Palais.

Guests who linger too long for photographs are often ushered along. This was evident in 2013 when socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, a regular at Cannes, was reportedly told to move on after spending excessive time posing for photographers outside the Palais.

Official Responses

When approached for comments regarding the incident with Rowland, a spokesperson for Cannes declined to comment, and representatives for Rowland did not respond by press time.


Kelly Rowland’s experience at Cannes serves as a reminder of the festival’s rigid enforcement of red carpet etiquette. Despite the brief clash with an usher, Rowland managed to maintain her composure and grace under pressure, demonstrating her professionalism and poise.

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