Ron DeSantis to Speak at RNC After Schedule Change Amid Trump Rivalry Dynamics

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis secures a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention after an initial exclusion. Explore the evolving dynamics between DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, and the implications for the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley remains notably absent from the speaking lineup despite her support for Trump.

Ron DeSantis to Speak at RNC After Schedule Change Amid Trump Rivalry Dynamics
Ron DeSantis to Speak at RNC After Schedule Change Amid Trump Rivalry Dynamics

Ron DeSantis to Speak at the RNC After Schedule Change

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a prominent Republican figure and past rival of former President Donald Trump, has secured a speaking slot at the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC). This development marks a significant turn of events, as DeSantis was initially not slated to have any role at the convention.

A source familiar with the decision and involved in planning the convention activities confirmed the change to NBC News, stating, “I will confirm a change in schedule that means he will now be speaking.” However, the source did not specify which night DeSantis would be speaking. This change follows a report by CNN, which first noted that DeSantis would not have a speaking role at the convention.

In contrast to the initial reports, a source close to DeSantis asserted that they had never been informed of any exclusion from the speaking schedule. “We have been told for a while we had a speaking slot and have never been told we do not,” the source said, suggesting that there might have been miscommunication or misunderstandings about DeSantis’ involvement.

The Complex Relationship Between Trump and DeSantis

The relationship between Trump and DeSantis has been tumultuous over the years. Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis in 2018 was a crucial factor in DeSantis’ successful bid for the governorship of Florida. However, the dynamics shifted during the 2024 Republican primary, where DeSantis emerged as a competitor against Trump. The primary season saw both figures exchanging sharp criticisms, with DeSantis ultimately withdrawing from the race in January after an underwhelming performance in the Iowa caucuses.

Despite the competitive primary, DeSantis has shown support for Trump post-primary. He has pledged to leverage his donor network to raise funds for Trump’s campaign, although concrete events for this purpose are still in the planning stages. This pledge indicates DeSantis’ strategic alignment with Trump, aiming to bolster the former president’s campaign efforts.

Absence of Nikki Haley from the Convention

While DeSantis has secured a speaking slot, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, another prominent Republican figure and the final contender to drop out of the GOP primary, has not been granted a speaking role. Haley and Trump had a contentious primary battle, and upon exiting the race, Haley expressed her unwillingness to “kiss the ring.”

However, Haley confirmed in May that she would be voting for Trump and recently released her 97 delegates to support Trump at the convention. Despite this gesture of support, there has been no move to include her in the speaking schedule. A source involved in the convention planning confirmed, “No Haley as of now.”

Chaney Denton, a senior aide to Haley, reiterated that Haley was not invited to the convention and expressed her contentment with this decision. “Trump deserves the convention he wants,” Denton said, adding that Haley has made her support for Trump clear and wishes him well.

Historical Context and Comparisons

The decision to exclude Haley is notable given the historical context of past conventions. In 2016, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who finished second and third in the Republican primary respectively, were both given speaking slots at the convention where Trump was officially nominated as the Republican candidate for president. Their inclusion underscored a tradition of featuring significant primary contenders at the convention, highlighting the contrast with the current exclusion of Haley.

Implications for the Republican Party

DeSantis’ inclusion in the RNC speaking lineup suggests a strategic move to present a united front despite past primary rivalries. It also indicates Trump’s influence over the convention programming, reflecting his continued dominance within the party. DeSantis’ speaking role could serve to solidify his standing within the party and demonstrate his loyalty to Trump’s campaign.

On the other hand, Haley’s exclusion might reflect the lingering tensions from the primary season and her reluctance to fully embrace Trump’s leadership style. While her public endorsement and delegate release signal her political pragmatism, her absence from the convention stage highlights the complexities within the party’s dynamics.


The addition of Ron DeSantis to the RNC speaking schedule, following initial reports of his exclusion, underscores the fluid nature of political alliances and strategic decisions within the Republican Party. It reflects the delicate balance of presenting party unity while managing past rivalries and individual ambitions. As the convention approaches, DeSantis’ role will likely be closely watched as an indicator of his future political trajectory and the broader dynamics within the GOP.

The exclusion of Nikki Haley, despite her gestures of support for Trump, highlights the selective nature of the convention’s programming and the ongoing influence of Trump in shaping the party’s narrative. As the Republican Party navigates these internal dynamics, the convention will serve as a critical platform for setting the tone for the upcoming election and the future direction of the party.

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