Cyberattack hits New York state government's bill drafting office

The scope of the attack was not immediately clear but officials said the bill drafting system has been down since early Wednesday.

The office is responsible for printing legislation for lawmakers at the state Capitol in Albany.

The apparent cyberattack came as the Legislature is moving to finalize its state budget bills, though Gov.

Kathy Hochul said the incident isn't expected to dramatically delay the process.

Asked if the incident was a politically motivated attack, Hochul said “I don't know.”

In a statement, Mike Murphy, a spokesman for the leader of the state Senate, said the bill drafting office

can still process work for the houses and we don’t believe this will delay the overall process.”

We have to go back to the more antiquated system we had in place from 1994. You know this happened very, very early in the morning

so we’ve been on top of this,” Hochul, a Democrat, said in a WNYC radio interview.

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