Generative AI is coming for healthcare, and not everyone’s thrilled

Google Cloud, Google’s cloud services and products division, is collaborating with Highmark Health, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit healthcare company

Prominent generative AI startups in healthcare include Ambience Healthcare, which is developing a generative AI app for clinicians

Nabla, an ambient AI assistant for practitioners; and Abridge, which creates analytics tools for medical documentation.

The broad enthusiasm for generative AI is reflected in the investments in generative AI efforts targeting healthcare

Collectively, generative AI in healthcare startups have raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital to date, and the vast majority of health

But both professionals and patients are mixed as to whether healthcare-focused generative AI is ready for prime time.

In a recent Deloitte survey, only about half (53%) of U.S. consumers said that they thought generative AI could improve healthcare

Borkowski warned that generative AI’s deployment could be premature due to its “significant” limitations — and the concerns around its efficacy.

Today’s generative AI also struggles with medical administrative tasks that are part and parcel of clinicians’ daily workflows.

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