Kesha Releases First Single as Independent Artist Now We Joyride

Kesha's New Chapter

Kesha embarks on a new journey by releasing her first single as an independent artist, marking a significant milestone in her music career.

"Now We Joyride"

The new single, titled "Now We Joyride," showcases Kesha's signature style while reflecting her personal and artistic growth.

Independence Achieved

After years in the industry, Kesha celebrates her newfound independence, expressing her creative freedom through her music.

Fan Reactions

Fans have eagerly embraced the new single, praising Kesha's fresh sound and the empowering message of her independent release.

Creative Control

With full creative control, Kesha explores new musical directions, experimenting with different styles and themes in her work.

Personal Touch

"Now We Joyride" features deeply personal lyrics, giving listeners insight into Kesha's journey and experiences.

Support from Peers

Fellow artists and industry peers have shown support for Kesha, celebrating her bold move to go independent.

Message to Fans

Kesha shares a heartfelt message to her fans, thanking them for their unwavering support and loyalty throughout her career.

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