NASA budget woes could doom $2 billion Chandra space telescope

he Biden-Harris Administration Monday released the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2025,

“As history has proven, as the present has shown, and as the future will continue to demonstrate, an investment in NASA is an investment in America for the benefit of humanity,”

The budget allows NASA to launch the Artemis II mission, which will send astronauts around the Moon for the first time in more than 50 years

This budget shows NASA’s value in contributing to the global leadership of the United States,” said Nelson.

Every dollar supports our ability to continue exploring new cosmic shores and making the impossible possible

The budget includes $7.8 billion for the Artemis campaign, which will bring astronauts – including the first woman, first person of color, and first international astronaut

The budget invests $2.4 billion in the Earth science program for missions and activities that advance Earth systems science and increase accessibility to information to mitigate natural hazards

The budget provides $1.2 billion for NASA’s space technology portfolio to foster innovative technology research and development to meet the needs of NASA

The budget invests $966 million in NASA’s aeronautics program, which will develop hybrid-electric jet engines, lightweight aircraft structures

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