How NASA Repaired Voyager 1 From 15 Billion Miles Away

Engineers have partially restored a 1970s-era computer on NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft after five months of long-distance troubleshooting

building confidence that humanity's first interstellar probe can eventually resume normal operations.

Several dozen scientists and engineers gathered Saturday in a conference room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or connected virtually

“In the minutes leading up to when we were going to see a signal, you could have heard a pin drop in the room,”

People were looking very serious. They were looking at their computer screens

Each of the subsystem (engineers) had pages up that they were looking at, to watch as they would be populated.”

Voyager 1 suddenly stopped transmitting its usual stream of data containing information about the spacecraft's health and measurements from its scientific instruments

They hypothesized the source of the problem might be in the memory bank of the FDS.

This readout allowed engineers to pinpoint the location of the problem in the FDS memory.

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