NASA’s PACE Data on Ocean, Atmosphere  and  Climate Now Available

NASA is now publicly distributing science-quality data from its newest Earth-observing satellite,

providing first-of-their-kind measurements of ocean health, air quality, and the effects of a changing climate

“These stunning images are furthering NASA’s commitment to protect our home planet,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“PACE’s observations will give us a better understanding of how our oceans and waterways, and the tiny organisms that call them home, impact Earth.

“First light from the PACE mission is a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to better understand our changing planet.

PACE is one of several key missions – including SWOT and our upcoming NISAR mission – that are opening a new age of Earth science,”

PACE’s two multi-angle polarimeters, HARP2 and SPEXone, measure polarized light that has reflected off clouds and tiny particles in the atmosphere.

These particles, known as aerosols, can range from dust to smoke to sea spray and more

With these data, scientists will be able to measure cloud properties — which are important for understanding climate

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