Yahoo News Acquires Artifact: A New Era in News Aggregation

Instagram’s co-founders built a powerful and useful tool for recommending news to readers

but could never quite get it to scale. Yahoo has hundreds of millions of readers

but could use a dose of tech-forward cool to separate it from all the internet’s other news aggregators.

The two sides declined to share the cost of the acquisition

but both made clear Yahoo is acquiring Artifact’s tech rather than its team.

ystrom and Krieger posted the note without shopping the company to potential suitors or trying to raise money

They were Artifact’s only investors, they’d run a pretty lean business, and they felt like they could just move on

“A lot of organizations care deeply about news and personalized content,

The acquisition comes a bit more than a year after Artifact’s launch

three months after Systrom and Krieger announced its death.

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