A16z-Backed Apex Space Achieves Milestone with First Satellite Declared Healthy in Orbit

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Discover how Apex Space is transforming the satellite manufacturing industry with the successful launch of its Aries satellite. Learn about this milestone achievement, its significance for the space industry, and how Apex plans to innovate further with its upcoming satellite bus product lines.

A16z-Backed Apex Space Achieves Milestone with First Satellite Declared Healthy in Orbit
A16z-Backed Apex Space Achieves Milestone with First Satellite Declared Healthy in Orbit

Introduction to Apex Space’s Milestone Achievement

Apex Space, a trailblazer in the satellite manufacturing industry, has recently marked a significant milestone in its ambitious journey. With the successful deployment of its inaugural satellite, named Aries, into orbit, the company has taken a giant leap towards revolutionizing satellite bus manufacturing. This development came to light following the satellite’s launch aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-10 rideshare mission.

First Contact: Aries Signals Success

Shortly after its deployment into orbit, Apex Space’s mission operators established communication with the Aries satellite, underscoring a seamless entry into space. Apex CEO, Ian Cinnamon, highlighted the fortunate timing of the satellite’s orbit path, which facilitated immediate contact through a ground station. Initially, a UHF beacon provided basic health data from the satellite, soon followed by a switch to S-band radio. This upgrade not only increased data transmission rates but also enabled two-way communication with ground control, affirming the satellite’s operational status in space.

Record-Breaking Achievement

This successful deployment represents not just a technological triumph but also sets a new industry benchmark. According to Apex, Aries is the quickest clean sheet design spacecraft to reach orbit, achieving this milestone within a year. This accomplishment reflects the company’s efficiency and innovation in satellite technology development.

Expanding Horizons: Testing and Customer Engagement

Located in Los Angeles, Apex Space is gearing up for an extensive testing phase, focusing on the satellite’s various subsystems. The company plans to transition the satellite for customer use, where undisclosed clients will conduct experiments with their payloads for approximately six months. Initially intended as a technology demonstrator, the Aries satellite has evolved into a platform for practical, customer-driven missions. This pivot emerged from dialogues with potential customers interested in testing their payloads in space, leading to a win-win scenario for both parties.

The Aries SN1 Satellite: Beyond the Mission

Post-customer engagement, the Aries SN1 satellite is slated for a new role as a software testbed, allowing Apex to refine its flight software and navigation controls. With an operational expectancy of five more years, the satellite will serve as a valuable asset for ongoing technological advancements in orbit.

Future Endeavors: Expanding Apex’s Satellite Bus Portfolio

Beyond the Aries project, Apex Space is ambitiously expanding its portfolio with the development of larger satellite buses, namely Nova and Comet. Targeting a launch into production by 2025, these buses aim to alleviate the bottleneck in satellite bus availability, catering to payloads up to 100 kilograms. Supported by industry giants such as Andreessen Horowitz and Shield Capital, Apex Space is poised to redefine satellite bus manufacturing, promising a new era of space exploration and utilization.

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