Academy100 Unveiled: Pioneering the Future of Film with a $500M Fund for the 100th Oscars

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“Discover Academy100, the ambitious $500 million fundraising campaign by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, aimed at expanding global cinematic influence and ensuring excellence for the next century. Learn about the strategic partnerships, educational initiatives, and the pivotal role of the Academy Museum leading up to the 100th Oscars in 2028.”


As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) prepares to usher in the centennial celebration of the Oscars in 2028, it has launched an ambitious $500 million fundraising campaign titled Academy100. This initiative marks a significant stride towards enhancing the Academy’s global influence and ensuring its prominence in the cinematic world for the next century.

A Global Campaign for a Global Future

Revealed in a press conference held at Cinecittà in Rome—a location symbolic of cinematic history and global filmmaking—Academy100 is not merely a fundraising effort but a beacon of the Academy’s future aspirations. Bill Kramer, the Academy’s CEO, emphasized the campaign’s role in expanding the organization’s global reach. “The future of the Academy is global, and Academy100 will deepen our worldwide reach and impact,” said Kramer. This initiative is designed to connect audiences worldwide through their shared passion for cinema, fostering a deeper, more diverse engagement with the film community across the globe.

Strategic Partnerships and Early Success

The Academy100 campaign has already seen substantial support, with over $100 million pledged by esteemed partners including Rolex, Delta Air Lines, and numerous individual benefactors like Dagmar Dolby and family, and Teddy Schwarzman. These early commitments underscore the trust and confidence in the Academy’s vision and its role in shaping the future of film.

Enhancing Educational and Cultural Outreach

A key component of the Academy100 campaign is its focus on education and preservation. The funds raised will endow programs that not only recognize cinematic excellence but also preserve vital film history. Furthermore, the initiative will support the creation of world-class film exhibitions, screenings, publications, and educational programs designed to nurture the next generation of diverse global film artists.

This educational outreach will be complemented by a series of special events and programs across major cities worldwide, including Cannes, Johannesburg, Kyoto, Lagos, and New York. These events will serve as platforms for dialogue, learning, and celebration of film, bridging cultural gaps and building a more inclusive film community.

The Role of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, which opened its doors in September 2021 after overcoming several challenges, plays a pivotal role in this campaign. Planned to begin in 2027, the museum will host special exhibitions and film programs that delve into the rich history of the Academy and the Oscars. These events are strategically scheduled to lead up to the 100th Oscars, creating a buildup that not only celebrates the past but also looks forward to the future of filmmaking.

Navigating Financial Challenges

The launch of Academy100 comes at a crucial time as the Academy faces financial challenges, notably the declining revenue from its Oscars telecast. This decline has made aggressive fundraising and strategic financial planning more critical than ever. The success of previous initiatives, like the $388 million raised ahead of the museum’s opening, demonstrates the Academy’s ability to mobilize support and innovate in response to changing economic landscapes.

Conclusion: A Century of Cinematic Excellence

As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences approaches its 100th anniversary, Academy100 is not just a fundraising campaign; it is a declaration of the Academy’s commitment to the future of cinema. By investing in global outreach, education, preservation, and digital innovation, the Academy is setting the stage for a new century of cinematic artistry and excellence. With the support of its partners and the global film community, Academy100 promises to be a cornerstone in the evolution of the Academy, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the international film industry for generations to come.

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