Apple and Meta Eye Groundbreaking AI Collaboration for Apple Intelligence

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Apple and Meta are in discussions to integrate Meta’s AI model into Apple Intelligence, aiming to leverage Apple’s extensive distribution network. This potential collaboration, along with partnerships with AI startups and OpenAI, could significantly enhance Apple’s AI capabilities, providing users with advanced generative AI features

Apple and Meta Eye Groundbreaking AI Collaboration for Apple Intelligence
Apple and Meta Eye Groundbreaking AI Collaboration for Apple Intelligence

Apple and Meta Reportedly Pursuing AI Collaboration

In an intriguing development, Apple and Meta are reportedly in discussions to integrate Meta’s AI model into Apple’s recently announced Apple Intelligence. This potential collaboration, reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on June 23, highlights the growing convergence between leading technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Scope of the Collaboration

The discussions between the iPhone maker and the social media giant revolve around leveraging Apple’s extensive distribution network to enhance the reach and impact of Meta’s generative AI products. Apple has expressed its intention to work with various partners, including OpenAI, for more complex AI tasks. This approach is seen as a strategic move to ensure that Apple’s AI offerings are both robust and user-friendly.

“We wanted to start with the best,” stated Apple software leader Craig Federighi, emphasizing that ChatGPT “represents the best choice for our users today.” Federighi also mentioned the company’s interest in integrating Google’s AI model Gemini into Apple Intelligence, underscoring Apple’s commitment to providing top-tier AI capabilities to its users.

Exploring AI Partnerships

In addition to Meta, Apple has reportedly engaged in discussions with AI startups such as Anthropic and Perplexity about incorporating their generative AI technologies into Apple Intelligence. These discussions indicate Apple’s broader strategy to diversify its AI capabilities by collaborating with various innovators in the AI space. While PYMNTS has reached out to Anthropic and Perplexity for comments, no responses have been received yet.

Insights from Industry Experts

Gene Munster, an Apple analyst and managing partner at Deepwater Asset Management, provided insights into the potential impact of these AI partnerships. According to Munster, the usage of ChatGPT is projected to double with the Apple partnership, although OpenAI’s infrastructure costs could increase by 30% to 40% as a result.

Munster also predicted that 10% to 20% of Apple users might opt for a premium AI subscription, such as ChatGPT, which could translate into billions of dollars in revenue for AI firms collaborating with Apple Intelligence. “Distribution is hard to get,” Munster noted. “The beauty of what Apple has built is that you’ve got this engaged distribution at scale.”

Enhancing Siri with Advanced AI

One of the primary objectives of Apple’s partnership with OpenAI is to bolster Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, along with its writing tools, by incorporating advanced AI capabilities. This integration is expected to significantly enhance Siri’s functionality, making it more responsive and intelligent.

While Apple could have developed its own AI technology, the company recognized that its customers might prefer other AI solutions, particularly those that are industry-leading, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This decision aligns with Apple’s customer-centric approach, ensuring that users have access to the best available AI technologies.

Strategic Importance of AI Partnerships

The collaboration between Apple and Meta, along with other potential AI partners, underscores the strategic importance of forming partnerships in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. The decision to partner rather than build in-house solutions reflects a broader trend among businesses, especially in the banking, FinTech, and B2B sectors.

As noted in an earlier PYMNTS report, the classic dilemma of whether to build, buy, or partner for new technologies has become increasingly prominent. The fast-paced evolution of technology and the rising complexity of consumer expectations add layers of intricacy to this decision. Partnering with third-party vendors allows companies to leverage existing expertise and infrastructure, thereby accelerating the deployment of new technologies and meeting consumer demands more effectively.

The Competitive Landscape

Apple’s move to collaborate with Meta and other AI innovators is also a strategic response to the competitive landscape in the AI sector. By integrating best-in-class AI models, Apple aims to stay ahead of its competitors and offer superior AI-driven features to its users. This collaboration could potentially set a new standard for AI integration in consumer technology, influencing other tech giants to pursue similar partnerships.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

While the potential benefits of these AI collaborations are significant, there are also challenges and considerations that need to be addressed. One of the primary concerns is the increased infrastructure costs associated with scaling AI solutions. As Munster pointed out, the integration of AI models like ChatGPT could lead to substantial increases in infrastructure expenses.

Moreover, ensuring the seamless integration of diverse AI models into Apple’s ecosystem will require careful planning and execution. Apple will need to maintain high standards of performance, reliability, and user experience while integrating these AI solutions.

Looking Ahead

The reported discussions between Apple and Meta, along with other AI partnerships, signal a new phase in the evolution of AI in consumer technology. If these collaborations come to fruition, they could significantly enhance the capabilities of Apple Intelligence and provide users with more sophisticated and intuitive AI-driven features.

For Meta, collaborating with Apple offers a unique opportunity to leverage Apple’s vast distribution network and reach a broader audience. This partnership could also enhance Meta’s reputation as a leading innovator in the AI space.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how these discussions progress and what concrete steps Apple and its partners take to bring these AI collaborations to market. The potential impact on the AI landscape, consumer technology, and the competitive dynamics of the industry could be profound.


The reported pursuit of AI collaboration between Apple and Meta, as well as other AI innovators, represents a significant strategic move for both companies. By integrating advanced AI models into Apple Intelligence, Apple aims to enhance its AI capabilities and provide users with the best available technology. These partnerships also highlight the growing importance of collaboration in the tech industry, as companies seek to leverage each other’s strengths to meet the evolving demands of consumers. As the discussions continue, the potential benefits and challenges of these AI collaborations will become clearer, shaping the future of AI in consumer technology.

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