Emma Roberts Takes Flight in New NASA Comedy Space Cadet- Trailer Out Now

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Get ready for a fun summer watch! Emma Roberts stars in Amazon MGM Studios’ new comedy ‘Space Cadet,’ about a Florida party girl who unexpectedly finds herself in NASA’s astronaut training program. Watch the trailer now and mark your calendars for the July 4, 2024 release on Prime Video.

Emma Roberts Takes Flight in New NASA Comedy 'Space Cadet' - Trailer Out Now
Emma Roberts Takes Flight in New NASA Comedy ‘Space Cadet’ – Trailer Out Now

Emma Roberts Enlists in NASA’s Astronaut Program in New ‘Space Cadet’ Trailer

As summer rolls in, many of us find ourselves gravitating towards lighter entertainment that brings a bit of sunshine into our lives. Enter Amazon MGM Studios’ new coming-of-age comedy, “Space Cadet,” which promises to deliver just that. The film, featuring Emma Roberts, brings a fresh, humorous take on the journey of a Florida party girl who finds herself unexpectedly immersed in NASA’s astronaut training program.

A ‘Clueless’ in Space Vibe

“Space Cadet” offers a nostalgic nod to the light-hearted, feel-good movies of the late ’90s and early 2000s, reminiscent of classics like “Clueless” and “Legally Blonde.” The trailer teases a high-concept space agency storyline filled with laughs and heartwarming moments, making it a perfect summer watch.

Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of “Space Cadet” sets the stage for a delightful romp through the challenges and hilarity of astronaut training:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for a Florida party girl. Emma Roberts, Tom Hopper, Poppy Liu, and Gabrielle Union star in ‘Space Cadet’ – streaming on Prime Video July 4.

“Tiffany ‘Rex’ Simpson has always dreamed of going to space, but life isn’t going quite as planned. Determined to turn things around, she aims high and with the embellishing touch of her supportive best friend Nadine, her ‘doctored’ application lands her in NASA’s ultra-competitive astronaut training program. In over her head, Rex relies on her quick wits, moxie, and determination to get to the top of her class. NASA program directors Pam and Logan certainly take notice, but can this Florida girl get through training and into the cosmos before she blows her cover?”

A Talented Cast and Crew

Emma Roberts, known for her versatile performances in “The Blackcoat’s Daughter,” “Scream Queens,” “Madame Web,” and “American Horror Story,” takes on the lead role of Tiffany “Rex” Simpson. The film also stars Tom Hopper, Poppy Liu, and Gabrielle Union, adding to its star-studded appeal.

“Space Cadet” is written and directed by Liz W. Garcia, who has previously worked on “The Lifeguard,” “One Percent More Humid,” and “Purple Hearts.” The film is produced by Jon Berg and Greg Silverman and is set to premiere globally on Prime Video on July 4, 2024.

Themes of Dreaming Big and Staying True

“Space Cadet” seems poised to capture the magic of “fish out of water” stories, exploring themes of dreaming big and staying true to oneself despite overwhelming odds. The film’s protagonist, Rex, embodies the spirit of perseverance and resilience as she navigates the competitive and demanding world of NASA’s astronaut training program.

A Light-Hearted Take on Serious Training

While “Space Cadet” ventures into mild fantasy territory, it maintains a humorous and uplifting tone that makes it an enjoyable watch. Serious space enthusiasts might need to suspend their disbelief, as the film likely takes creative liberties with the rigorous realities of NASA’s selection process. However, this deviation from strict realism is part of the film’s charm, offering a whimsical escape into a world where dreams can come true with a little ingenuity and a lot of heart.

Emma Roberts: A Star Powerhouse

Emma Roberts’ involvement in “Space Cadet” brings significant star power to the film. As the daughter of Academy Award-nominated actor Eric Roberts and niece of Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, Emma has carved out her own successful career in Hollywood. Her ability to balance roles in both horror and comedy showcases her versatility as an actress, making her a perfect fit for the multifaceted character of Rex.

The Anticipation Builds

As we approach the release date, anticipation for “Space Cadet” continues to build. The combination of a compelling storyline, talented cast, and the nostalgic charm of early 2000s comedies sets the stage for what could be one of the standout films of the summer.


“Space Cadet” is set to be a delightful addition to Amazon Prime Video’s summer lineup, offering a perfect blend of humor, heart, and high-flying dreams. With Emma Roberts leading the charge and a talented team behind the scenes, this coming-of-age comedy promises to be a fun and uplifting watch. As Tiffany “Rex” Simpson reaches for the stars, audiences are sure to be entertained by her journey from Florida party girl to aspiring astronaut. Mark your calendars for July 4, 2024, and get ready for a cinematic adventure that’s out of this world.

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