Ultraleap Revolutionizes Interaction with Haptic Touch in Cars and VR Headsets

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“Discover how Ultraleap is transforming the way we interact with technology by introducing groundbreaking haptic touch solutions to cars and VR headsets. Experience the future of tactile feedback with Ultraleap’s innovative merge of Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion technologies, enhancing immersion in extended reality (XR) and automotive applications.”

Haptic Touch in Cars and VR Headsets
Haptic Touch in Cars and VR Headsets

The Formation of Ultraleap

In a strategic move during May 2019, two pioneering tech startups, Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion, merged to form Ultraleap. This fusion, valued at approximately $30 million, marked the acquisition of Leap Motion by Ultrahaptics. The rebranding symbolizes the amalgamation of their distinct yet complementary technologies, setting a new path forward in the realm of haptic feedback and hand-tracking technologies.

Post-Acquisition Vision and Strategy

Following the merger, Tom Carter, co-founder and former CTO of Ultrahaptics, took on the role of CTO at the newly formed Ultraleap. The vision post-acquisition is to blend the expertise of both entities to innovate within the burgeoning field of extended reality (XR). Carter emphasizes the long-term goal of enhancing interaction with 3D content, viewing XR not as a single domain but as a multifaceted landscape ripe for technological advancement.

Background and Expertise of Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics

Leap Motion, established in 2010, gained recognition for its Leap Motion Controller, a device designed for hand tracking using infrared technology. Despite initial enthusiasm, the company faced challenges in sustaining success, prompting a pivot towards virtual reality applications.

Ultrahaptics, founded by University of Bristol alumni three years post Leap Motion, specializes in using ultrasound waves to generate tactile feedback. The company initially focused on the automotive industry, aiming to integrate tactile feedback into in-car displays through collaborations with automobile manufacturers. Additionally, Ultrahaptics set its sights on enhancing XR experiences by incorporating its technology to provide a tangible sense of touch within virtual environments.

Merging Technologies for Enhanced User Experience

Ultraleap’s ambition is to create devices that offer tactile feedback in tandem with precise hand tracking, thereby addressing the lack of sensory feedback in XR applications. Contrary to solutions involving wearable haptic devices, Ultraleap is exploring non-wearable technologies, such as a “puck” device, to deliver haptic sensations without additional user gear.

The technology can be adapted for various configurations, including mounting on VR visors or positioning as a standalone device, to optimize the directionality of tactile feedback. This innovative approach aims to create a more immersive and realistic XR experience.

Towards Commercialization: Sensation Designer

In a significant stride towards commercialization, Ultraleap introduced Sensation Designer at CES last month. This software tool enables developers to incorporate haptic feedback into XR applications, exemplified by a virtual bonsai tree demo. By integrating Leap Motion’s hand-tracking technology with Ultrahaptics’ tactile feedback, Sensation Designer promises to enrich virtual experiences across gaming and enterprise applications, offering users an enhanced sense of reality in the virtual domain.


Ultraleap stands at the forefront of merging haptic feedback and hand-tracking technologies to revolutionize user experiences in the automotive and XR sectors. Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, the company is poised to address the challenges of sensory feedback in virtual environments, paving the way for more immersive and interactive digital experiences.

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