Zodiac Signs who are always obsessed with their ex

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Some people don’t know how to handle breakups well. They cling to their ex in the hope that their ex will regret it and end their relationship. Others are able to make a new start in their lives and find new partners. They still have to think about their ex. Astrology has a lot of influence on our behavior and how we respond to things. This is why it’s important to learn about the signs that can’t let go of their ex. They may appear to be very good at hiding their pain, but they are actually suffering.

There is a connection when you are with someone. It could be physical, emotional, or mental. The connection can last for a while even if you are no longer with the person. If you are still attached to your ex, it can cause problems in your relationship and your mental state.

1. CANCER (June 21-July 22)

It is difficult to find a time when Cancer doesn’t get hung up on their ex. It can often be nothing to do with how happy or unhappy they feel in their current relationship or how they felt about their ex. Cancer sees the best in a relationship if they look back.

They compare everyone to their ex and nearly everyone ends up in the same way. Cancer could almost justify getting back together with her ex to remind herself why they didn’t succeed in their relationship.

2. TAURUS (April 20, – May 20,)

Taurus wouldn’t say that, but it can take them a while to forgive an ex. They will not admit that they are still in love, but they will tell you that they just want closure. However, closure is not an excuse.

Taurus is determined enough to get closure if they want it. Taurus can’t stop crying when they don’t have closure. They don’t require closure. They need to grieve and then move on.

3. LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

Libras can’t stop thinking about their ex. Libras tell their friends that they are curious about the life of their ex, so they look at their ex’s social media.

Libra does not say that their “checking is” on a different level. It might be called cyberstalking by some, but it might also be called obsessive by others. Although they are naturally curious, it doesn’t excuse them from checking out their ex’s Venmo transactions or dating profiles.

4. VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Virgos may not be aware of it but they are very attached to their exes. Although they might not randomly call them or make arrangements to meet them, thoughts of their ex will haunt them for quite some time.

Virgo’s way of dealing with a breakup is to think up all the problems that were caused by their ex and then examine them. Then they talk about their ex whenever they can. Did Virgo’s colleague really have to know how jerk their ex is?

5. PISCES (February 19-March 20)

It is rare for Pisces to be obsessed with an ex. Pisces can’t help but let go. Pisces tend to hold on to everything, including any personal items that their ex left behind, messages, notes, and texts from their phones.

These reminders are helpful for those who want to torture themselves with reading or listening to them. This really makes it clear that their ex is not in their lives anymore.

6. SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Scorpios are strong, but also very sensitive. Scorpios are very sensitive and intense when they fall in love with someone.

Scorpions can be very jealous of their ex-partners, especially if they have moved on. Scorpios are aware of the power of jealousy so they will post lots of photos of their life, without their ex. Even better, arrange it so that the ex can see Scorpio with a new person.

4 Ways How to Move On from your ex

Breakups don’t always end a relationship. Breaking up can cause you to feel unworthy and devalue your self-worth. This can have a severe impact on your mental health, particularly if you are still in a relationship with your ex. There are ways to get over it and make yourself stronger and more healthy.

Although it may sound simple and even patronizing, you need to think about your mental health when your emotions are at their lowest. You may feel like your entire life has stopped. All your hopes and dreams are gone.

Perhaps all you want is to be alone and find out what went wrong. You might need to look at all of your actions and ask yourself if you could have done something differently to be with the one you love.

Here’s the truth: It’s impossible to make an objective assessment of your ex-partner, especially if you are in love. It can be a painful and quick journey from “what went wrong” or “it’s all mine” to the “it’s all your fault” stage. It is an inward spiral that only makes the wound worse.

It is possible to get out of this situation by moving on. It may seem impossible but these are five steps you can take right away.

4 Ways How to Move On from your ex

1. All communication (direct and indirect) must be cut off

This is the first thing that you should do for your mental and physical health. You don’t need to know their whereabouts or with whom they are. You should cut off contact with your ex.

It can be very difficult to leave their lives. They don’t belong in your journey. Now, the priority is yours. You need to be able to look at yourself, not your ex’s social plans.

It’s impossible to be friends with them. It is unlikely that this will work in real life, despite what you might have read. It can be painful and ultimately futile to try and revive a relationship that has ended.

Simply put, your ex can’t be friends. Perhaps you will be able to be friends with your ex in the future when you both are happier and healthier. You shouldn’t be trying to be in their lives right now.

2. Forgive the past

People often feel angry and regretful after a breakup. You think about what you could have done differently. You might be angry at your ex or their behavior. You might even be angry at the circumstances that compelled you to act as you did.

It is easy to get pulled into this vortex if you stop and think about it. Things can become very complicated if there is betrayal. It hurtles between anger and regrets every time you replay an incident or conversation.

When you realize there is nothing you can do, the feelings are intense. This creates a vicious circle of regret, anger, helplessness, and regret. If you love your ex, this can be very difficult. You’ll learn to accept their faults and make mistakes in this situation.

This is a downward spiral that will stop you from moving forward.

It’s important to not forget the past. It is impossible to forget how you got out of this deeply emotional experience. You have to forgive yourself for what happened. You must be objective in your statements, whether it’s in a journal or by using self-talk.

3. Let’s get real

There are two sides to a relationship: the one that is real and the one you dream up. People tend to keep the fantasy rather than the reality after a breakup.

This fantasy can be applied to both the relationship as well as the person involved. When you say you would love to be back with your partner because it was the most fulfilling and beautiful part of your life, this is not an objective reflection on the relationship. It’s a fantasy version.

It wouldn’t have ended if everything had been perfect. There were many reasons that things happened. You’ll be able to see the positive parts of your relationship and leave out the negative.

You may not see the painful aspects of the relationship, or the person responsible for them. You can improve your mental health by being realistic about the affair.

It might have been filled with joy, but it would have also been full of unmistakable pain. This will give you a complete picture of the events that you have just gone through. This will help you to create a realistic picture of your ex.

You should keep a journal to record your thoughts and make them more meaningful. You can create a true picture by writing down every aspect of your relationship. You can also make sure you don’t try to recreate the relationship in any other way. Once you have written down what it was, you can move on.

4. Do not forget to love yourself

What is the best indicator of your mental health? Love yourself. You understand, accept, forgive, and empathize fully with yourself. It’s one of the most difficult things to do, which is why it’s an indicator of your mental health.

This is especially true if you are coming out of a relationship that you were in love with.

This stage is when you feel vulnerable and wonder if you are worthy of love. It’s not necessary to look outward, but rather strengthen your inner self.

Change the way that you talk about yourself. Let go of all negative talk. Remember that you have everything that can lighten someone’s day and that that person will lighten your own life.

It’s not about you or your ex that it didn’t happen with them. These exceptional circumstances were the reason it happened. Because you are filled with the qualities that attract people to you, you will continue to attract love.


It is crucial for your mental health to move on from someone you love. There will be good and bad days. You just have to remember that everything is getting better each day. You are shedding your past and getting rid of any emotional baggage. This will help you to become stronger and more healthy.

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