OnePlus Watch 2 Review: A Mid-Range Smartwatch Powerhouse

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In the ever-evolving world of wearable technology, OnePlus has taken a significant stride with the launch of its OnePlus Watch 2. After a less-than-stellar debut in 2021, OnePlus has meticulously heeded user feedback, leading to the creation of a smartwatch that not only addresses past shortcomings but also introduces innovations that set it apart in the competitive smartwatch market.

Oneplus Watch 2
Oneplus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2 Review

OnePlus’s initial foray into the wearable market was met with criticism, primarily due to an underpowered device marred by a janky interface and disappointing battery life. Taking these critiques to heart, OnePlus dedicated years to refining both the design and functionality of their wearable line. The culmination of this effort is the OnePlus Watch 2—a testament to the brand’s commitment to improvement and innovation.

A Closer Look at the OnePlus Watch 2

The OnePlus Watch 2 emerges as a sleek and elegant smartwatch, boasting unique features that potentially place it among the top contenders for the best smartwatch of 2024. Here’s a deep dive into what makes it stand out:


  • Intuitive Screen and App Navigation: Users will find the touchscreen responsive and easy to navigate, complemented by a user-friendly app interface.
  • Exceptional Battery Life with Quick Charging: One of the standout features is its long-lasting battery, supported by fast charging capabilities, setting a new benchmark for convenience.
  • Customizable Watch Faces: A vast selection of watch faces allows users to personalize their devices to match their style or mood, enhancing the user experience.


  • Limited Size Options: The watch is available in only one larger size, which may not suit all wrist sizes or preferences.
  • Absence of Health Features: Notably missing are an ECG app and menstrual cycle tracking, features that are becoming standard in smartwatches today.
  • Always-On Display Trade-Off: While the always-on display feature is attractive, it significantly impacts the battery life, a consideration for potential users.

Unveiling the Unique Dual Chipset Design

The OnePlus Watch 2 introduces a novel approach to power management and functionality through the use of dual chipsets. The BES 2700 chipset, an ultra-low-power Bluetooth component, runs the RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). This setup manages less intensive tasks such as background activity monitoring, calls, and notifications efficiently. For more demanding operations, the Snapdragon W5 chipset takes over, powering WearOS tasks that require more computational heft, like gaming, navigation, and app usage. This dual-chipset architecture not only optimizes performance for a variety of tasks but also significantly extends battery life, ensuring the watch can support users’ active and diverse lifestyles.

Introducing the OnePlus Watch 2

After a hiatus, OnePlus has returned to the smartwatch scene with its eagerly anticipated OnePlus Watch 2. This latest iteration signifies a monumental leap from its predecessor, primarily through its innovative dual-engine chip architecture. This cutting-edge feature employs two chipsets working in harmony, alternating between operating systems to optimize user experience and battery conservation. The high-efficiency mode of operation ensures that the more potent chip activates only when necessary, promoting an exceptionally efficient performance.

Design and Durability: A Nod to Classic Elegance

The OnePlus Watch 2 stands out with an aesthetic inspired by the timeless elegance of premium wristwatches and the allure of vintage automobiles. Available in two eye-catching finishes—Black Stainless Steel and Silver Radiant Steel—the watch features a 22mm interchangeable band, allowing for personal customization. Beyond its stylish appearance, the watch boasts remarkable durability. It meets military-grade standards and carries IP68 and 5ATM water resistance ratings, making it robust enough for swimming in freshwater and withstanding everyday elements.

Comprehensive Health Tracking and Interactive Features

The OnePlus Watch 2 is designed to be much more than a timepiece. With the companion OHealth app, users gain a detailed overview of their daily health statistics and trends. The app also facilitates watch face customization, phone synchronization settings, and notification management directly from the wrist. The Watch 2 is equipped to handle a variety of tasks—from replying to emails via an on-screen keyboard, emojis, or voice commands, to controlling music playback, accessing Google Assistant, and enjoying games like Simon and Mini Soccer. Powered by WearOS 4, the watch offers a familiar yet robust platform for tracking vital health metrics, ensuring both functionality and durability.

OnePlus Watch 2 Specifications:

  • Price: $299.99 (Get a $50 discount by trading in any watch, regardless of condition, or enjoy 30% off when buying alongside a OnePlus 12 or 12R; Amazon Prime members can avail a $50 discount from March 11-31)
  • Screen: 1.43-inch AMOLED display, resolution of 466 x 466, 326 pixels per inch
  • Processors: Dual-processor setup featuring the BES 2700 ultra-low-power Bluetooth chipset and the Snapdragon W5 chipset
  • Operating System: Wear OS 4
  • Connectivity Options: Includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC support for Google Pay
  • Navigation: Comes with integrated dual-frequency GPS
  • Sensors: Equipped with sensors for sleep monitoring, optical pulse oximetry, heart rate tracking, acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic, ambient light, and barometric pressure
  • Water and Dust Resistance: Certified IP68 and 5ATM, meets MIL-STD-810H military standards
  • Audio Features: Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Battery Life: 500mAh battery capable of lasting up to 100 hours in smart mode, 48 hours with intensive use, and extends up to 12 days in power saver mode. Features 7.5W VOOC fast charging, achieving 100% charge in just one hour; a 10-minute charge can provide a day’s worth of smart mode usage
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB internal storage
  • Warranty: Offers a limited warranty covering defects in workmanship or materials, with the duration varying by country. Includes two years of software support.

Seamless Integration and Exceptional Battery Life

Compatibility with Android devices, including the OnePlus 12 and Google Pixel 8, has been seamlessly integrated, ensuring a smooth experience across different smartphones. The watch’s dual-processor system, featuring a BES 2700 ultra-low-power Bluetooth chipset alongside a Snapdragon W5 chipset, underpins its efficient operation. This setup, coupled with Wear OS 4 and an array of connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC for Google Pay, makes the OnePlus Watch 2 a standout in the premium smartwatch space.

The 500mAh battery of the OnePlus Watch 2 sets a new standard with up to 100 hours of use on a single charge, far surpassing competitors in battery longevity. The watch not only offers a generous battery life but also provides an estimate of remaining battery time, enhancing user convenience. Moreover, the inclusion of VOOC fast charging technology allows for rapid recharging, significantly reducing downtime.

Pre-loaded Google Apps and Easy Customization

The OnePlus Watch 2 arrives with pre-installed Google applications, including Maps, Assistant, Wallet, and more, enriching the user experience with essential services right out of the box. The ease of downloading additional apps through the dedicated Google Play app on the watch further enhances its appeal. The inclusion of Google Assistant, accessible via a built-in speaker and microphone, adds a layer of convenience for on-the-go inquiries and tasks.

In summary, the OnePlus Watch 2 represents a significant advancement in the realm of smartwatches. With its dual-engine chip architecture, elegant design, and a suite of health and interactive features, it sets a new benchmark for what users can expect from a high-end wearable device. Its robust battery life, fast charging capabilities, and seamless integration with popular Google apps make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their digital lifestyle.

Comprehensive Workout Features of OnePlus Watch 2

The OnePlus Watch 2 stands out with its extensive sports tracking capabilities, offering over 100 modes, including specialized ones for badminton and tennis enthusiasts. Its automatic detection feature for popular activities like running, walking, and swimming enhances user convenience, prompting users to confirm their activity before logging begins. Particularly for runners, the watch provides advanced metrics such as ground contact time and vertical amplitude, coupled with its dual-frequency GPS for enhanced accuracy in challenging environments. A standout feature is the custom workout option, allowing users to tailor their tracking for activities not pre-defined by the watch, like cardio workouts, by setting specific parameters such as duration, heart rate, and calories burned.

Diverse Watch Face Selection

OnePlus Watch 2 impresses with its wide array of watch faces, offering over 100 choices that cater to various tastes, from classic looks to animated designs. The availability of 20 built-in faces and the option to download 80 more ensures users can personalize their watch to their liking. Noteworthy designs include the Expanding Curiosity dial and the animated Hip Hop face, showcasing OnePlus’ commitment to creativity. However, users should note that utilizing animated watch faces may impact battery life.

Robust and Durable Design

Designed to endure, the OnePlus Watch 2 meets military-grade MIL-810H standards, ensuring resilience against a spectrum of environmental conditions. Its construction features stainless steel and sapphire crystal, promising durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear. Although it boasts an IP68 water-resistance rating, suitable for swimming and showering, it is not intended for diving activities, differentiating it from some competitors.

Battery Life Considerations

The OnePlus Watch 2’s battery performance is notable, with up to 2.5 days of life with the always-on display feature activated, surpassing many rivals. However, users prioritizing longer battery life may need to manage their use of this feature, as it significantly reduces the overall battery endurance.

Health Tracking Capabilities and Limitations

While the OnePlus Watch 2 excels in various health and wellness tracking areas, it lacks some features found in other high-end smartwatches, such as ECG monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking. These omissions might be significant for users prioritizing comprehensive health metrics. Nonetheless, its competitive price point makes it an attractive option for those willing to overlook these shortcomings.

Ergonomic Considerations

The design of the OnePlus Watch 2, with its large face and robust build, may not suit users with smaller wrists, potentially feeling bulky or uncomfortable. Despite its premium features and connectivity options, those seeking a more delicate or lightweight wearable might find it less appealing.

Compatibility and Performance

The OnePlus Watch 2 excels in compatibility with Android devices, offering a seamless user experience with its 1.43-inch AMOLED display and dual chipset architecture. This design ensures smooth operation and longevity, making it an excellent choice for Android users looking for a mid-range smartwatch that balances performance with style.

In summary, the OnePlus Watch 2 emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a feature-rich smartwatch with extensive workout tracking, customizable aesthetics, and robust design. Despite certain limitations in health monitoring features and its potentially bulky design for some, its strengths in performance, durability, and connectivity make it a worthy contender in the mid-range smartwatch market.


The OnePlus Watch 2 marks a remarkable turn in OnePlus’s wearable journey. By listening to user feedback and investing in technological enhancements, OnePlus has delivered a smartwatch that addresses its predecessor’s flaws while introducing innovative features. The dual chipset design, in particular, sets a new standard for smartwatch performance and battery efficiency. Despite a few drawbacks, such as size limitation and the absence of certain health-tracking features, the OnePlus Watch 2 stands as a formidable option for those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and endurance in a smartwatch.

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