Robert Costello Clash with Judge in Trump Trial: Impact on Michael Cohen Credibility

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Explore the dramatic courtroom confrontation between Robert Costello and Judge Juan Merchan during the Trump trial. This article delves into the strained relationship between Costello and Michael Cohen, their history, and how these dynamics are impacting the case against former President Donald Trump.

Robert Costello
Robert Costello

In the trial involving former President Donald J. Trump, the defense aimed to undermine the credibility of the prosecution’s primary witness, Michael D. Cohen. However, this strategy faced significant obstacles when Robert J. Costello, a seasoned New York lawyer and defense witness, clashed with the judge overseeing the case, Juan M. Merchan. This article delves into the courtroom dynamics, the history between Costello and Cohen, and the broader implications for the trial.

The Courtroom Clash

On the day the prosecution rested its case, the defense swiftly moved to challenge the credibility of Michael D. Cohen, hoping to dismantle the foundation of the prosecution’s argument. Robert J. Costello, a prominent figure in New York’s legal circles and former advisor to Cohen, was called to the stand to achieve this. However, the proceedings did not go as planned.

As Costello began his testimony, he faced a series of objections from the prosecution. Judge Merchan often sided with the prosecution, which visibly frustrated Costello. His audible reaction of “jeez” and subsequent muttering about striking his own comments from the record drew the judge’s ire. Judge Merchan sternly reminded Costello of the courtroom decorum, emphasizing that only he, the judge, had the authority to strike testimony.

The situation escalated when Judge Merchan perceived Costello’s demeanor as contemptuous, accusing him of attempting to stare him down. The judge cleared the courtroom, excluding reporters but allowing Trump supporters to remain. In a private session, he warned Costello that any further insubordination would result in his removal from the stand and the striking of his testimony.

The Background of Costello and Cohen

Robert Costello’s involvement with Michael Cohen dates back to 2018, during a tumultuous period following the FBI’s search of Cohen’s home and office. Their relationship began through Jeffrey Citron, Costello’s law partner and an acquaintance of Cohen. Citron facilitated the connection, believing Costello’s insights could benefit Cohen amidst his legal troubles.

Costello’s role was to serve as a back channel between Cohen and Trump’s legal team, led by Rudolph W. Giuliani. This role was informal, as Cohen never officially retained Costello nor paid him for his services. Despite this, their communications were significant. Cohen testified that Costello’s messages implied that he should remain loyal to Trump, not cooperate with prosecutors, and essentially “stay in the fold.”

However, Costello disputed Cohen’s portrayal of their interactions. On the stand, he insisted that he acted solely in Cohen’s best interests, not Trump’s. This discrepancy between their accounts was pivotal for the defense, aiming to show Cohen as an unreliable witness motivated by personal vendettas.

The Crumbling Relationships

The relationship between Cohen and Costello eventually deteriorated, primarily over financial disputes. Costello became increasingly frustrated with Cohen’s lack of communication and cooperation. Their professional relationship soured further due to unpaid legal bills, leading Costello to testify against Cohen before the grand jury that indicted Trump, aiming to discredit Cohen.

Costello’s legal battles didn’t end with Cohen. He also pursued Giuliani over unpaid bills, indicating a broader pattern of contentious financial dealings within Trump’s orbit. These financial disputes underscored the personal and professional tensions that influenced the trial’s dynamics.

The Implications for Trump’s Trial

The strained courtroom interaction between Costello and Judge Merchan, coupled with the complex history between Costello and Cohen, adds layers of intrigue to Trump’s trial. Costello’s attempt to undermine Cohen’s credibility was marred by his own conduct, which the judge deemed unprofessional and contemptuous. This incident could impact the jury’s perception of the defense’s credibility.

For the prosecution, Cohen’s testimony remains crucial. His admission of orchestrating hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels on Trump’s behalf is a cornerstone of the case. Despite his criminal past and motivations for testifying against Trump, the prosecution argues that Cohen’s firsthand involvement and subsequent cooperation with authorities lend weight to his accusations.


The drama unfolding in Trump’s trial, marked by the confrontations between Robert Costello and Judge Merchan, highlights the high stakes and intense emotions involved. Costello’s efforts to portray Cohen as a liar were overshadowed by his own contentious behavior in court, potentially weakening the defense’s case. Meanwhile, Cohen’s testimony continues to be a pivotal element, despite the defense’s attempts to cast doubt on his credibility.

This trial not only examines the legal intricacies surrounding Trump’s actions but also sheds light on the tumultuous relationships and power struggles within his inner circle. As the proceedings continue, the courtroom clashes and personal vendettas will likely play a significant role in shaping the trial’s outcome. The judge’s handling of courtroom decorum and the credibility of key witnesses will be critical in determining the fate of the former president.

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