Which US city you should live in based on your Zodiac sign?

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Do you want to broaden your possibilities? Traveling to different cities is among the best ways to explore different ways of life and meet new people and maybe convince yourself that you’re in the wrong place. All across the country, each town has its distinct style and amenities.  However, the city in which you’ll feel a place to call home is determined by your personality and your Horoscope. We’ve asked the astrologer to help you find which U.S. city best fits you and your zodiac. Are you likely to find yourself in a tiny, unnoticed area such as Madison, Wisconsin, or an urban metropolis that is bustling similar to New York City?

Now, let’s see which city is based suited for you based on your zodiac sign.

us city based on zodiac sign

Now, let’s see which city is based suited for you based on your zodiac sign.

The US city based on your Zodiac sign

In which city Aries should live?

Aries: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

You’re always at the forefront of what’s trendy and fashionable, Aries. While others tend to follow the trends and go to popular metropolitan areas but you prefer to seek hidden gems as long as they’re also able to enjoy access to nature and bustling nightlife.¬†Austin, Texas checks these boxes and is the perfect blend of city life and Southern appeal. It also has plenty of culture and art, which is essential as you are a vivacious person. You’ll definitely feel within this state, which is known as the Lone Star State.

Taurus: Madison, Wisconsin

In which city Taurus should live?

Madison, Wisconsin

You’re fond of the quiet pace of life, Taurus. Therefore, the usual chaos and noise of the city do not seem appealing to you. As you’re the eater in the zodiac it’s a matter of that the dining and drinking scene must be prominent when you’re deciding where to settle in. 

If you’re in search of an area that has the right balance of luxury and luxury, Madison is an under-the-radar treasure that you’ll never want to leave. Although this city lets you indulge in the finest things, however, its reasonable price is an additional factor to consider for you.

Gemini: Savannah, Georgia

In which city Gemini should live?

Savannah, Georgia

A bit sweet, a bit spicy, you are able to get your charm on and meet people wherever your travel, Gemini. Being the chameleon in the zodiac, you’re able quickly to navigate any situation in a graceful and easy manner. This makes you a fan of adventure, and you’ll need the right city with plenty to discover. 

The warm and friendly Savannah is home to an eclectic food scene, plenty of art, and a plethora of stories. You’ll enjoy chatting with the locals in between the rounds of local bourbon and you’ll walk away with stories that will last for a lifetime.

Cancer: New Orleans, Louisiana

In which city Cancer should live?

New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s totally focused on your energy, Cancer. It doesn’t matter if it’s picking your top acquaintances or deciding on which meal to have for dinner, you choose according to what you feel is right. This is the same about the cities that will make you feel at ease. 

You’re not enthralled by bright lighting or flashy tourist attractions; you’re seeking that homey feeling. You’ll feel at home with the people of New Orleans, where people are extremely friendly and food is delectable home-cooked food. If you’re looking to escape it’s just a car ride away from serene water and sandy beaches.

Leo: New York

In which city Leo should live?

New York

It might sound clich√© however, there’s no place more suited to manage your extravagant persona more than NYC. There’s a reason that all of the world’s top artists and performers flock to the city’s cultural center and try to leave an impact on this artistic capital of the nation. 

It’s never a need to be worried about being told that you’re not exuberant in a city that doesn’t sleep. In addition, with people coming from all across the globe in New York, you’ll never get bored of having conversations and meeting new people.

Virgo: Washington, D.C.

In which city Virgo should live?

Washington, D.C.

You want things to be neat and well-run But this doesn’t mean that you’re dull! Some people think that your desire for predictability is resistance to changes, but the reality is that you are a fan of efficiency. 

This is why you are at ease in cities that have good public transit systems, well-planned infrastructure, and a public good in your mind. Washington, D.C. is perhaps the most perfect model for this kind of urban area within the U.S. 

The practical aspect will be able to thrive in the well-organized layout of our capital city however, your curiosity isn’t able to take in enough of the free museums and historical sites that are right in your backyard.

Libra: Chicago, Illinois

In which city Libra should live?

Chicago, Illinois

You enjoy the idea of having equilibrium in your living, Libra. On certain days, you’d like to be at the heart of everything happening while the other you’re looking for the comfort of a relaxing evening with some acquaintances. 

Your ideal life will give you the opportunity to enjoy both without feeling that you’re not doing enough when you choose to become an at-home person. 

In Chicago, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food, a vibrant sports culture, plenty of social occasions to make acquaintances, and the cozy Midwest appeal all in one.

Scorpio: San Francisco, California

In which city Scorpio should live?

San Francisco, California

You’re a lover of mysteries and all things creepy, Scorpio. As a water sign that is intuitive, you love to look into the depths to discover the depths of what’s underneath, whether within your relationships or in the city where you reside. 

So, why not travel to one of the most ancient and most famous cities in the United States? San Francisco has everything you would want: rich history and delicious authentic cuisine beaches, rugged coastlines, and a variety of unexpected hills and twists.

Sagittarius: Boston, Massachusetts

In which city Sagittarius should live?

 Boston, Massachusetts

You’re a spokesman for what you see it, Sagittarius, and you surely have plenty to say. You’ve been on the street several times, learning important life skills and abilities from every trip around the world. Thus, you’re awed by places where you can communicate freely and discover fascinating new ideas with people in your life. 

When you’re ready to travel within the country, make sure to visit Boston. The Bostonians are guaranteed to be impressed by your fiery personality and the booze scene in Boston couldn’t be more lively.

Capricorn: St. Augustine, Florida

In which city Capricorn should live?

St. Augustine, Florida

You’re familiar with your own program, Capricorn, and because of that, you’ve got some high expectations. It could be appealing to move to cities such as LA and NYC to showcase your talents and indulge in the lifestyle of a millionaire. 

If you’re always on the go The ideal location to be in isn’t one where the action doesn’t stop, but one that has the ability to relax. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S. and is full of rich history and traditions. You’ll be amazed by the most historical and stunning buildings in the United States Although you enjoy chaos, you could be surprised at how the calmer pace is more suited to your needs.

Aquarius: Portland, Oregon

In which city Aquarius should live?

Portland, Oregon

You prefer to keep it lively and fun, Aquarius. It’s not your thing to follow trends and you’d rather travel to areas with a wide range of people with different views. A community that is close to you, because of your philanthropic nature will likely get you involved with the local scene quickly. 

Portland is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle, unique architecture, and its pioneering ideals. The town is situated near the ocean with lots of natural beauty everywhere You’ll feel at home with the welcoming residents who call this city home.

Pisces: Juneau, Alaska

In which city Pisces should live?

Juneau, Alaska

You’re hopeless romantic Pisces, and generally feel more connected to nature than other people. This isn’t to say that you’re not friendly, but in reality, you’re more considerate and compassionate than the majority. 

That’s why you have to find a spot that allows you to quickly retreat to the peace and quiet of nature and refresh your energy. Juneau is a stunning city that has the feeling of a tight-knit community and plenty of room to relax and forget all your worries. Also, it’s not a bad thing to be one step across the sea.

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