Premium Beer Based on your zodiac sign

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Want to drink beer but do not know which beer is suitable for you according to your zodiac sign? If yes then you are in the right place because in this article we are going to recommend premium beer based on your zodiac sign. Similar to your favourite show or dish and food, your beer of choice says something about your tastes and your personality. Certain people prefer a strong and bold taste some prefer an easy and refreshing brew to enjoy in a casual manner. If you’re new to the world of beer or looking to switch the flavor of your beverage, why not look to astrology for answer? According to the astrology we will tell you about the type of beer to choose according to your zodiac signs.

Beer based in zodiac signs

So, let’s go ahead and see the premium beers based on your zodiac sign.

Premium Beer Based on your zodiac sign

Aries: Porter

Which beer should Aries drink?


Aries, As the bold and energetic Zodiac’s leader, you’re constantly trying to make an impact and keep the party moving. If there’s an event taking place and you’re in the mood to make a splash and engage in lively conversations. A Porter, with its rich and complex flavor profile, is the perfect complement to your bigger-than-life character.

“Porter is the perfect choice for Aries because of its distinctive burnt taste that goes perfectly with the energetic and persistent Fire sign” declares Stardust. This tasty brew was among the first brewed and distributed across the world and is as exciting a trailblazer as you.

Taurus: Brown Ale

Which beer should Taurus drink?

Brown Ale

Indifferent to the constant pace of life that surrounds the world, Taurus prefers to savor the small moments. You’re someone who quietly and thoughtfully creates the life you want and gathers memorable experiences as you go. After a long day of hard work you love to unwind with a tasty treat.

A brown ale with its toasty, caramel-like flavor is the perfect beer to enjoy at a leisurely pace while having a chat with your buddies. Brown ales have a smooth and sweet flavor which is great for Taurus due to their exquisite sweet craving.

Gemini: Pale Ale

Which beer should Gemini drink?

Pale Ale

Geminis tend to be people who are social This allows you to adjust to any circumstance. You are a lover of variety and don’t like sticking with the same old routine. A refreshing pale ale is a reflection of your adventurous spirit; as you, this beer comes in a variety flavors so that you can always find something to suit your mood.

Pale ale could be an alcoholic drink that is dualistic because of its copper hue and fruity flavor that could make the drinker think about the flavor. You’ll be amazed at how it keeps you on your feet.

Cancer: Pilsner

Which beer should Cancer drink?


The comfort and stability are among the most important aspects to your life, Cancer. You love to be surrounded with other people and items which entice your inner homebody and leave you feeling like you’re a little nostalgic. It’s the type of person that people can count on to give assistance since you have the right idea of how to respond. Pilsners are adored because of their refreshing and sweet flavor that adds warm cheeks as well as a smile on the face, just like you.

Pilsner is the most summer-friendly beer because of its refreshing citrus flavor and mild taste. It is one of the most loved beers on the planet.

Leo: Saison

Which beer should Leo drink?


If you’re at a party and you’re dancing around the table and asking the DJ to increase the volume. It’s impossible for the Leo in having a great time. When it comes to having a night out with your companions, you prefer beers that are just as fun and sassy. A beer called a saison, with its sour and aromatic flavor is the ideal choice for you.

“Saison is a French beer with many carbonation and spices. It’s like the lion, famous for their fiery spark,” says the astrologer. The rich flavors make Saison difficult to miss and you’ll be encouraged by its spiced punch.

Virgo: Wheat Beer

Which beer should Virgo drink?

Wheat Beer

You’re a lover traditional songs, Virgo. Once you’ve found your favorite ones, you’re more likely to stick to them. It’s a sign that indicates an inclination towards a more obsession with perfection, you favor simple flavors that are able to stand by themselves. That’s why the basic yet ever-popular wheat beer should be your first choice.

Libra: Oktoberfest

Which beer should Libra drink?


Let’s face it, Libra, you’re more of a champagne lover. However, the balance that you love with champagne (after all, you’re the sign that is symbolized and controlled by scales) is also present in a beer. An annual Oktoberfest beer that is technically known as a pilsner and is equally strong and smooth, and is a perfect match for your smart persona perfectly.

“The best beer to drink for Libra can be described as Oktoberfest because it’s full-bodied , and only consumed in October, during the peak of Libra the season” according to the astrologer. Since you’re a movers and shaker who loves to get to know people from all kinds of backgrounds, drinking this beer gives you a reason to go to the bar.

Scorpio: Stout

Which beer should Scorpio drink?


There’s nothing unsettling about the character of an Scorpio. Being the fiery and extremely love-filled zodiac sign in the zodiac, it is your job to are drawn to opportunities to connect with people in a deep way. 

While you may be difficult to comprehend initially, you’re also among the very faithful and reliable people when you’ve gained trust. Stout beer, with its similarly diverse flavor profile, must be part of your drinking routine. This flavor isn’t one for those with weak stomachs which makes it a bit similar to you.

Sagittarius: India Pale Ale

Which beer should Sagittarius drink?

India Pale Ale

As the avid adventurer from the zodiac chances are you’ve tried some of the beverages on this list on your trips and journeys. It’s always a good idea to be on the move and seeking out something different, so you might want to consider buying the India pale ale to enjoy a refreshing and quick drink.

“India pale ale … blends normal beer and exotic components such as rose essences that globetrotters lovers will enjoy,” says the astrologer. This refreshing brew is your ideal companion when you meet new friends on your journeys.

Capricorn: Barley Wine

Which beer should Capricorn drink?

Barley Wine

As the responsible and mature zodiac sign, Capricorn needs a drink that is the same old-fashioned, powerful tasting notes. Your confident, clear and powerful appearance could appear as a little intimidating for some however, you love to be having fun as you work to the max. Try a wine made of barley the next time you’re looking to relax.

Due to its history the barley wine is ideal for Capricorn who is a fan of tradition. and experiment with traditional dishes and recipes from the past. In addition, this tasty drink is pretty and you’ll need only one or two glasses to make your night a success.

Aquarius: Belgian Ale

Which beer should Aquarius drink?

Belgian Ale

Unusual and distinctive It’s not easy to predict an Aquarius. As a sign of the intellect you are known for keeping your choices open and are constantly trying to broaden your horizons and try new things. If you’re ever drinking, think about changing things up with the Belgian ale.

Belgian beers are exceptionally light and airy this is the way most people would describe Aquarius. It also has a hint of orange zest to add some spice on the side. This tasty beer will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final drink.

Pisces: Bock Beer

Which beer should Pisces drink?

Many people consider you to be an elusive and dreamy, Pisces. But, there are numerous deep layers below your layer of the sea that could delight even your closest acquaintances. Since the sign is controlled by Neptune the planet of spirituality and illusions, you’re constantly evolving and changing throughout your life.

The perfect beer for you is one that reflects your vibrant and dynamic personality, and that’s why a bock is the perfect option. “Like Pisces, bock beer is a diverse selection of tastes and characteristics which make each sip unique,” Astrologer says. Dark German beer is strong and malty, but it has subtle undertones.

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