Dell XPS 16 Review: Uniting Elegance with High Performance

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“Explore our comprehensive review of the Dell XPS 16, a testament to minimalist design combined with robust performance. Discover how it stands out with its sleek appearance, powerful specs, and innovative features like an invisible trackpad. Perfect for power users and professionals seeking a blend of beauty and functionality in a premium laptop.”

Dell XPS 16 Review
Dell XPS 16 Review

Introduction to Dell’s XPS 16 Design Philosophy

The Dell XPS 16 elevates the minimalist aesthetic introduced by the XPS 13 Plus, presenting a larger, 16-inch system that boasts significant improvements in both power and functionality. However, similar to its predecessor, the XPS 16’s innovative design includes an “invisible” trackpad within its palm rest, presenting certain usability challenges. Despite these hurdles, the XPS 16’s sleek appearance is undeniably appealing, making it a standout among Windows laptops. Yet, it might fall short for power users looking for an extensive range of ports, a feature even Apple has managed to include in its MacBook Pros.

The Evolution of XPS Design

Dell’s commitment to the XPS 13 Plus’s design philosophy is evident, transforming it into the core aesthetic for the entire XPS series. This approach signifies a departure from the traditional XPS 13 design, paving the way for the XPS 14 and 16 models. These newer versions address some of the earlier criticisms by incorporating additional USB-C ports and a microSD card slot, catering more effectively to professional needs.

First Impressions and Design Details

Upon unboxing the XPS 16, its visual appeal is immediately striking. The laptop features a large, 16.3-inch OLED display, surrounded by minimal bezels, and an all-glass wrist rest that resembles a frosted pond. The keyboard, both wide and inviting, enhances the overall aesthetic, promising a comfortable typing experience. This section examines whether the laptop’s beauty compromises its functionality.

Usability and Performance

The Dell XPS 16 aims to correct the functionality issues seen in the XPS 13 Plus by including additional ports and a headphone jack, indicating a shift towards more practical considerations. The laptop’s blend of power and design sets it apart, although users might still encounter some design-related inconveniences.


  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Powerful performance capabilities
  • Stunning 16-inch display
  • Comfortable, wide keyboard


  • The invisible trackpad may be frustrating to use
  • Limited selection of ports
  • The capacitive function row is less effective in bright conditions

Despite these drawbacks, the larger trackpad and adjustable haptics improve the user experience over the XPS 13 Plus. However, the decision to conceal the trackpad entirely remains controversial.

Innovative Yet Challenging Design Choices

The XPS 16’s capacitive top row and invisible trackpad are ambitious design choices that prioritize aesthetics over traditional functionality. These features, while innovative, pose challenges in usability and accessibility, particularly under bright lighting conditions.

Keyboard and Display Excellence

The XPS 16’s keyboard is a notable highlight, offering spacious keys and a comfortable typing experience. The choice between a high-refresh-rate LCD and a color-accurate OLED display allows users to tailor their experience based on their needs, with the OLED option providing exceptional color accuracy and contrast.

Performance and Gaming Capabilities

Equipped with Intel’s Core Ultra 7 155H processor and an NVIDIA RTX 4070 GPU, the XPS 16 is a powerhouse capable of handling intensive workloads and moderate gaming. Benchmark comparisons highlight its superiority in performance over similar models, though it may not match dedicated gaming laptops in frame rates.

Portability and Battery Life

While the XPS 16’s size and weight may limit its portability compared to lighter models, it offers significant battery life, making it suitable for extended use without the need for constant recharging. This balance between screen size and battery life is crucial for users prioritizing productivity on the go.

Pricing and Value

The XPS 16’s starting price reflects its premium features and performance capabilities, positioning it among the higher-end laptops in its category. While expensive, it offers a combination of aesthetics, power, and screen quality that justifies its cost for users seeking a top-tier laptop experience.


The Dell XPS 16 exemplifies the fusion of stunning design and robust performance. While its minimalist aesthetic and innovative features like the invisible trackpad may require some adjustment, the laptop’s power, display quality, and overall usability make it a compelling choice for those who value both form and function.

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