Denver Broncos Unveil the Mile High Collection: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity in New Uniforms

The Denver Broncos have launched a groundbreaking uniform update, the first since 1997, with their latest “Mile High Collection.” This fresh series of uniforms marries the rich heritage and vibrant ethos of Denver, reflecting both the spirit of Colorado’s landscape and the fervent passion of Broncos Country.

Broncos unveil new uniforms with announcement of 'Mile High Collection'
Broncos unveil new uniforms with announcement of ‘Mile High Collection’

A Nod to Natural Beauty and Sporting Legacy

The “Mile High Collection” features nine distinct uniform combinations, each thoughtfully incorporating elements of the Rocky Mountains alongside the Broncos’ iconic logo and color palette. The primary colors of the uniforms are Sunset Orange for home games, Summit White for away, and Midnight Navy as an alternate option, all of which can be mixed and matched with interchangeable pants in these colors.

The design details are meticulously crafted to resonate with the local surroundings and the team’s history. The jerseys’ sleeve caps incorporate a mountain peak motif extracted directly from the linework of the team’s logo. Adding to the mountainous theme, the under sleeves are adorned with perforated triangles that symbolize the high altitudes and pay homage to the iconic summit markers found throughout Colorado.

Moreover, the pants feature a side stripe with sharp, contrasting colors, mirroring the jagged edges of the Rocky Mountain peaks, further rooting the team’s identity in the geography of its home state.

Innovative Helmets and Engaging Design Process

The helmets, a key component of the new gear, are finished in metallic satin and available in navy for home and away games, and white for alternate games. They are decorated with a distinctive stripe of triangle clusters that ascend from the base to the crown, symbolizing Denver’s lofty elevation.

Damani Leech, President of the Denver Broncos, emphasized the collaborative efforts that led to the design of the “Mile High Collection.” Over 10,000 fans participated in a survey that significantly influenced the final designs, reflecting the community’s voice in this transformative phase. The design process, initiated over two years ago, was a concerted effort involving team ownership, players, and the executive team, with multiple visits to Nike’s headquarters to finalize the designs.

Celebrating Tradition and Innovation

The uniforms not only reflect innovation but also honor the Broncos’ storied championship tradition. Elements like the classic block-style numbering and a nameplate font reminiscent of national parks signage in Colorado add a historical touch. Special tags inside the neck of the jerseys feature “Broncos Country” and “5280,” nodding to Denver’s dedicated fanbase and its famous mile-high elevation.

The unveiling of the “Mile High Collection” is set to be celebrated with a grand launch party at the Broncos’ team store located at Empower Field at Mile High, promising an evening of excitement and community engagement on Monday, April 22, from 6-8 p.m.

With this new uniform launch, the Denver Broncos reiterate their commitment to blending tradition with forward-looking design, all while strengthening the deep connection with their fans and the Colorado community. This marks a significant milestone in the team’s history, ushering in an era of modernity while staying true to its roots.

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