Donald Trump Biopic The Apprentice Faces Legal Battle at Cannes

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The Donald Trump biopic, “The Apprentice,” directed by Ali Abbasi and starring Sebastian Stan, faces a legal challenge from Trump’s team at the Cannes Film Festival. Learn about the controversy, the film’s reception, and the ongoing battle for its distribution.

The biopic titled “The Apprentice,” focusing on former President Donald Trump, has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy since its inception. Directed by Ali Abbasi and starring Sebastian Stan as Trump, the film has sparked a significant legal battle, particularly highlighted by recent events at the Cannes Film Festival.

Donald Trump Biopic
Donald Trump Biopic

Cannes Drama: Legal Threats Unfold

During the Cannes Film Festival, where “The Apprentice” was set to premiere and seek distribution, Trump’s legal team issued a cease-and-desist letter to the filmmakers. This letter, reported by Variety, is part of an ongoing effort by Trump’s camp to prevent the distribution of the film. The biopic has been under the microscope from Trump’s team since it was first announced, with frequent legal challenges aimed at halting its progress.

Filmmakers’ Defense: A Balanced Portrait

In response to the cease-and-desist, the team behind “The Apprentice” released a statement defending the film’s portrayal of Trump. They asserted, “The film is a fair and balanced portrait of the former president. We want everyone to see it and then decide.” This statement underscores the filmmakers’ commitment to presenting an objective narrative, despite the contentious subject matter.

Director’s Rebuttal: Confidence Amidst Controversy

Director Ali Abbasi, during a press conference following the premiere, expressed his lack of concern regarding the legal threats. Abbasi humorously remarked, “Everybody talks about him suing a lot of people — they don’t talk about his success rate though, you know?” He even speculated that Trump might enjoy the film, adding a touch of irony to the situation.

Positive Reception at Cannes

Despite the legal drama, “The Apprentice” received a largely positive reception at its Cannes screenings. Critics praised the performances of Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump and Jeremy Strong as Roy Cohn, highlighting these portrayals as significant strengths of the film. The biopic delves into Trump’s early business and real estate career in New York City, with a particular focus on his relationship with Roy Cohn, a prominent lawyer and former chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Origins and Development of The Apprentice

The project was first announced in 2018, with author and journalist Gabriel Sherman confirmed to write the script. However, Ali Abbasi was not attached as the director until October 2023. Following Abbasi’s involvement, the castings of Stan and Strong were announced, and the film swiftly moved into production.

Contentious Scenes and Legal Backlash

One of the more controversial elements of the film is a scene depicting Trump allegedly sexually assaulting his first wife, Ivana. This inclusion has particularly incensed Trump’s team, prompting vehement public statements. Steven Cheung, Trump campaign communications director, condemned the film, stating, “This ‘film’ is pure malicious defamation, should not see the light of day, and doesn’t even deserve a place in the straight-to-DVD section of a bargain bin at a soon-to-be-closed discount movie store, it belongs in a dumpster fire.”

Legal and Public Relations Battle

The release of “The Apprentice” has thus transformed into a significant legal and public relations battle. Trump’s team continues to assert that the film is defamatory and has taken numerous steps to prevent its distribution. On the other hand, the filmmakers maintain that their portrayal is both fair and necessary, emphasizing the importance of allowing the public to form their own opinions based on the film.

Conclusion: Awaiting Public Verdict

As “The Apprentice” navigates its legal hurdles and seeks distribution, the public remains the ultimate judge of the film’s merit and accuracy. The controversy surrounding its release has undoubtedly amplified interest, ensuring that when it does become available, it will attract a substantial audience eager to see this portrayal of one of the most polarizing figures in recent history. The legal battles, critical reception, and public response to “The Apprentice” will likely continue to be a significant narrative in the ongoing saga of Donald Trump’s portrayal in media.

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