DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro: Comprehensive VPN and Privacy Tools for $9.99/Month

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“Explore DuckDuckGo’s latest offering, Privacy Pro, a subscription service priced at $9.99 per month that enhances your online privacy. Featuring a VPN with WireGuard protocol, on-device personal data removal, and 24/7 identity theft support, Privacy Pro is designed for those seeking superior privacy and security across all online platforms.”

DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro
DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro

DuckDuckGo has introduced a new subscription-based service called Privacy Pro, priced at $9.99 monthly, that extends further privacy measures compared to its current free services. This package includes a VPN using the open-source WireGuard protocol, a feature to eliminate personal data on the device, and round-the-clock support for identity theft recovery.

Previously, DuckDuckGo offered its browser and search engine, along with various plugins and an email protection service, free of charge. The launch of Privacy Pro marks the company’s first foray into paid subscriptions, necessitated by the greater bandwidth and resources a VPN demands. Despite this, the market does offer other reliable VPNs costing less than $5 a month.


The features of Privacy Pro—VPN, identity theft recovery, and personal data deletion—are integrated within DuckDuckGo’s browser, requiring users to download the browser and subscribe to activate these services.

Privacy Pro elevates the security level by encrypting the user’s entire internet connection, covering all browsers and apps in use, and replacing traditional login credentials with a random ID. This means neither ISPs nor DuckDuckGo will have access to the user’s VPN activities.

The VPN service covers servers in the US, Europe, and Canada, with plans to expand. Additionally, Privacy Pro actively removes users’ personal information from third-party data brokers like Spokeo, managing the removal and necessary communications discreetly.

Moreover, in cases of identity theft, Privacy Pro offers assistance through a collaboration with the identity theft protection service, Iris. This service provides continuous help with actions such as canceling and reissuing documents, alerting health insurers to fraudulent claims, and freezing credit reports among other services.

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